Thermal Modulation

Thermal modulation delivers the highest performance of any available modulator for GCxGC. Other types of thermal or valve-based modulators do not match up to the ruggedness, reliability, and performance of LECO's GCxGC modulator. With LECO's GCxGC system, modulation is accomplished via a dual-stage, quad-jet thermal modulator positioned between the two columns. LECO's thermal modulator allows for on-column cryo-focusing within the GCxGC system, providing increased peak detectability and increased separation of coeluting compounds.


GCxGC Oven 11 7 17 2a

(A) GC inlet, (B) Primary GC column, (C) Connection between primary and secondary GC columns, (D) Quad-jet modulator, (E) Secondary oven


Thermal Modulation Without the Hassle of Liquid Nitrogen

With LECO's Consumable-Free Modulator you can now choose the compound volatility range you need to modulate. If your application requires you to modulate at extreme high volatility, the traditional LN cooled modulator is recommended. However, if your method requires you to modulate moderately volatile compounds, the consumable-free modulator will save you time and money without sacrificing performance.