Training Classes


LECO Corporation brings you the most up-to-date, comprehensive instruction for those working in metallography, metallurgy, or failure analysis. Our fully equipped Metallography Laboratory and amphitheater-style lecture facility provide you with an environment for learning that is second-to-none. We offer services to enhance your learning experience, including course materials, coffee breaks, lunches, and transportation to and from the local airport (as well as between the hotel and the classroom).

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Basic Metallographic Techniques

A 2½-day course in St. Joseph, Michigan covering the complete range of metallographic specimen preparation, micro-/macroindentation testing, grain size determination, and photomicrography. An overview of optical terms and techniques will also be presented. Each day begins with three hours of lecture, with the rest of each day spent in the laboratory. Students are encouraged to bring samples of materials from their daily work for laboratory analysis. Dates: May 15-17, 2018; (Sorry, class is closed) Course fee is $725 (US)


Principles of Metallurgy and Interpretation of Microstructures in Ferrous Alloys

A 3-day course in St. Joseph, Michigan covering basic metallurgy principles, binary phase diagrams, TTT diagrams, heat treatment of steel, inclusion classification, and microstructure identification. The class curriculum is all lecture (no lab) and includes daily quizzes. ASM Handbook, Volume 9 Metallography and Microstructures is included (a $297 value). Prerequisites: Participants should have a basic working knowledge of metallographic techniques. Date: November 6-8, 2018; (Sorry, class is closeed) Course fee is $1200 (US)