mx 400


Mounting Press

Our new fully automatic mounting press, the MX400, is your solution for faster, more sophisticated mounting. Boasting a slim, 8-inch profile for maximized lab space, a 7-inch touch-screen display provides easy, user-friendly operation. 

Intuitive swipe-and-touch user interface makes it easy for you to select heating, cooling, and pressure parameters. Low thermal mass for rapid heating and cooling rates for superior productivity.



  • Novel solid steel crossbar closure design is durable, easy to clean, avoids jamming, and allows for quick, one-handed operation
  • Create fully customizable methods or use a LECO-developed method to fit your exact needs
  • Variable modes for mounting delicate samples using all common types of mounting materials
  • Reduce mounting bottlenecks and increase throughput with full size dual mount capability in 1.25 inch, 1.50 inch, and 30 mm mold size

mx400 sample sm

mx400 bakelite sm

mx400 removing sample sm

Photo Of A PR25 Mounting Press For Metabolomics In The USA - LECO Corporation


Mounting Press

The semi-automatic LECO PR25 Mounting Press is designed for laboratories with low-to-medium sample throughput requirements. The semi-automatic features of this single-mount press require less hands-on time, freeing the technician to perform other tasks during the cycle. The PR25 maintains optimum pressure during the heating cycle to create a cured mount.


  • Semi-automatic operation
  • Single mold mounting presses, designed to mount samples from 1.0 to 1.5 inches (25 to 40 mm) in cross-section



  • 115V PR-25 with 1.00 in. (25 mm), 1.25 in. (32 mm), 1.50 inch (40 mm) molds
  • 230V PR-25 with 1.00 in. (25 mm), 1.25 in. (32 mm), 1.50 inch (40 mm) molds


PR36 Mounting Press Mass Spectrometry In The USA Image - LECO Corporation


Single and Dual Mounting Press

Capable of both single and dual sample mounting, LECO's PR36 is ideal for a variety of sample mounting materials. Its lightweight, space-saving design and convenient desktop style make it the perfect fit for labs of all sizes that are looking for an efficient, durable mounting press. A rugged mold enclosure system allows the sample to be installed and removed easily and safely, while quick heating and cooling of the sample leads to a shortened run-time. A fully-automatic one-cycle operation (pressuring, heating, and cooling) frees the operator to perform other laboratory tasks.