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Based in the US, LECO has over 25 international subsidiaries and distributors authorized to sell and service LECO products worldwide.

We now offer a new Rust Inhibitor (Tech Cool SYN) with updated features and benefits. 

  • Tech Cool SYN is a pH balanced, non-oily, sectioning saw coolant/rust inhibitive additive.
  • Near-neutral pH (7.4) contributes to less skin irritation.
  • Long-lasting protection for sectioning machine systems.
  • Compatible with a wide variety of sample materials.
  • Developed with environmental concerns in mind and maintains fluid integrity for long service life.
  • Discourages microbial growth.
  • Manufacturer suggests a mixing ratio of 25 to 1 (a 4% solution). Please note this mixing ratio may need to be adjusted based on water quality variances around the world.


Part No. Quantity
812-542 1 Quart
812-541 1 Gallon
812-540 5 Gallon


Conductotherm 3000 Compression Mounting Material

LECO's new Conductotherm 3000 is an electronically conductive, graphite-filled, compression mounting material suitable for applications such as Scanning Electron Microscopy and Glow Discharge Spectroscopy. Its phenolic base allows it to be processed through the mounting press like Bakelite, and reacts similarly during grinding/polishing.


Part No. Description
812-233 Conductotherm 3000
2.2 lb. (1000 gram); Scoop included


Grinding Guidelines

Most materials can be ground using silicon carbide papers. Other materials need special grinding media such as aluminum oxide, ceramics, or even diamond grinding. Click here to see our grinding guidelines and a grit comparison guide.



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