Consumables FAQ

What types of products can I order from LECO's consumables line?
LECO provides all the consumables you need for your LECO instrumentation, including:
• Reference materials • Spare parts
• Reagents • Ceramics • Glassware • Standards

How do I order LECO consumables?
You can purchase LECO consumables in several convenient ways:
• Contact the local LECO office, distributor, or sales engineer you purchased your instrument from
• Call our "Consumables Hotline" at 1-800-292-6141 (US customers only)
• Order online at, the only site authorized by LECO to sell LECO consumable products
(US customers only)

Where can I find information about new/featured consumables?
Click here to see our featured consumables and download up-to-date catalogs. 

The consumable item I need is out of stock or no longer available. What other options do I have?
Please contact customer service at 1-800-292-6141 and let our experts help you.

How do I know I'm purchasing genuine LECO consumables?
You can verify your products are authentic by examining the packaging when the order arrives. The label on the outside
of the product should contain a trademark LECO logo, the item's complete part number, and our corporate address
(St. Joseph, Michigan, USA).

Why should I purchase my consumables from LECO over an off-brand dealer--especially if LECO's prices are higher?
When you purchase consumables, there's more to the bottom line than just the up-front price. You have to look at the
overall value of what you'll get out of your consumables, everything from the quality and accuracy of your results to the
customer support available when you have questions. When you purchase LECO consumables, you'll experience added
value you won't find in off-brand consumables.

A Tradition of Quality
LECO brings more than 75 years of industry experience to every product we develop, and our consumables are no
exception. If you use LECO instrumentation, you are already familiar with the advantages of LECO products--superior
quality, unmatched value, and excellent customer service. When you purchase consumables from LECO, you
experience these same benefits.

Confidence in Your Results
Only LECO consumables are designed and tested by LECO engineers to work perfectly with LECO instruments and
provide the best performance possible. LECO consumables are manufactured to strict specifications with extensive
laboratory testing to ensure quality. Off-brand consumables, often replicated through reverse-engineering and
guesswork, simply cannot guarantee the same results as LECO consumables for demanding and varied applications.

Long-Term Service and Support
Whether you're purchasing a LECO instrument or LECO consumables, your product is backed by exceptional service
and support long after your sale is complete. If you purchase off-brand consumables for your LECO instrument, it is
more difficult for our service team to troubleshoot any potential issues and help you achieve your goals. Plus, you can
enjoy the convenience of one-stop shopping, as our customer service experts can help you find any consumable or
replacement part you would ever need for your LECO instrument. LECO is committed to standing by our
products--and our results.