Oxygen by Inert Gas Fusion Infrared Detection for Silicon Wafers

The O836Si was designed to meet the low level sensitivity and high precision demands of the silicon industry. By combining the unmatched sensitivity of our solid-state infrared detection system with our novel sample loading system and programmable impulse furnace, the O836Si provides accurate and precise oxygen results in materials such as silicon wafers. The low level sensitivity and high precision has also been applied to the metals industry, determining the oxygen content in high purity copper for the electronics industry.



  • Low level, high precision solid-state infrared (IR) detection
  • Electrode Impulse Furnace with power or current control
  • Accuracy and precision to low-ppm levels
  • Low system blanks with wafer friendly loading head
  • Safety protected reagent train
  • Reduced maintenance with improved gas transfer
  • Oxygen output in ppma


Silicon Wafer Loading

Sample loading head designed for consistent sample loading, low atmospheric blank and high carrier gas purity. Silicon wafers are consistently loaded in the furnace with the chute design of the loading head. Dual seals, a magnetic loading mechanism, and integrated oxygen/moisture scrubber promote a near zero atmospheric blank and maintain optimal carrier gas purity.




  • O836Si