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PAX-it™ 2 Image Management System

Imaging System for Science and Industry

PAX-it 2 allows you to easily capture, organize, analyze, network, transmit, and print high-resolution images. Through the use of a simple "electronic filing system," millions of images can be effectively organized and shared throughout your work environment, whether within the same building or around the world, streamlining your work process. 


  • Electronic filing system provides simple organizational structure
  • Search, sort, and organize your images according to descriptive fields which fit your specific needs.
  • Image processing functions, including image stitching, image fusion, and video/AVI file creation
  • Measurement and analysis available, from simple linear and area measurements to complex image analysis
  • Customizable report and presentation layouts for Microsoft Word®, Excel®, and PowerPoint®
  • Various camera resolutions are available 
  • Modular software configurations

PAX-it Details

PAX-it™ 2 Image Management System
  • Standard measurement module
  • Core analysis module
  • Grain size module
  • Cast iron module
  • Advanced measurement module

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PAX-it [PDF]
Metallography Consumables [PDF]
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