Mined Materials & Metals

Delivering measurable results for today's industrial manufacturers

If you work in mining, foundries, die casting, or other metal-working operations, the wide range of products you're responsible for touch all of our lives in innumerable ways. You need the best ways to measure and maintain the quality, strength, and performance of the metals and alloys that go into these products. Trust LECO for instrumentation that helps you quickly and accurately analyze mined materials and metals.

We built a legacy with a full line of elemental analyzers and determinators, grinders/polishers, hardness testing and measuring systems, digital and optical microscopes, glow discharge atomic emission spectrometers, image analyzers/management, and sectioning machines. LECO instruments have a global reputation for rapid, accurate analysis in iron, steel, alloys, refractory metals, and ores. Features such as integrated sample presentation and handling, advanced software, and automatic cleaning maximize your investment.

See LECO's full line of Analytical Science products for the analysis of mined materials & metals, including our popular 844 Series carbon/sulfur determinator, the 836 Series oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen determinator, and our variety of hardness testers, microscopes, and other equipment for metallurgical sample prep and examination.