iPadCornerstone® Mobile

Mobile Software Viewing Option

LECO has developed Cornerstone Mobile, a new mobile viewing option for the company’s exclusive Cornerstone software platform.

The new Cornerstone Mobile option provides users with the ability to view data, plots, and instrument status from the convenience of their smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. Key features include:

  • Safe and secure data transmission

  • Broadcast to an unlimited number of devices

  • Event notifications to email, text, or the Mobile App

  • Access an unlimited number of systems

  • Mobile is designed specifically for each platform, providing device consistentcy

  • Web browser access when devices are unavailable

  • Immediate lab feedback to production control or management


Compatible Devices
Cornerstone Mobile is available for the following devices*:Android and Phone

  • Android™ smartphones

  • Android tablets

  • iPhone®

  • iPad®

  • Windows 10 


*Compatible devices are not included as part of the
Cornerstone Mobile subscription and must be purchased separately.


How to Subscribe
Cornerstone Mobile is offered as a subscription-based product with commitment increments of one and three years. Multiple instruments require multiple subscriptions, but there is no limit to the number of mobile device connections to each instrument. The part numbers for the subscriptions are as follows:

619-592-882-B/O One-Year Mobile Subscription
619-592-899-B/O Three-Year Mobile Subscription

Once a subscription has been purchased, you will be transferred to the LECO Service group to obtain an authorization code necessary to activate the Mobile software on your LECO system. Once the authorization code has been obtained, and the software has been restarted, you can begin the setup process as outlined in the instrument manual.

The device software or app can be obtained directly through your device store by searching LECO or LECO Cornerstone, or we can guide you to the appropriate location via the web address listed in the instrument manual.

For more information, download the Cornerstone flyer. Contact your LECO sales rep to subscribe or call (269) 985-5496.

Android is a trademark of Google Inc., iPhone, and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc. Windows is a trademark of the Microsoft group of companies.