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LECO Introduces Innovative Time-of-Flight Technology with Improved Sensitivity and Dynamic Range

St. Joseph, Mich.— LECO has introduced the Pegasus GC-HRT+ and GC-HRT+ 4D, its latest generation of innovative and reliable high resolution GC- and GCxGC-TOFMS instrumentation.

LECO Releases Simply GCxGC™ Method Development Tool

St. Joseph, Mich– LECO is pleased to announce the release of our new Simply GCxGC™ method development tool.

LECO Introduces the New 928 Series for Carbon/Nitrogen Analysis

St. Joseph, Mich– LECO is pleased to introduce the new 928 series, which will transform the way users determine carbon and nitrogen in a variety of organic materials.

LECO Introduces a New Grinder/Polisher Series

St. Joseph, Mich– LECO is pleased to introduce the new PX400/PX500 grinder/polisher series to their lineup of metallographic products.

LECO Corporation Introduces the New Pegasus® BT

St. Joseph, Mich– LECO Corporation is pleased to announce their latest innovation for the GC-MS marketplace—the Pegasus® BT.