ISO (International Organization for Standardization) - Metals


Method Instruments Constituents Materials
3690 DH603 H Ferritic Steel Arc Weld Metal
4689-2/3  S844/744 S Iron Ores
4935 S844/744 S Steel and Iron
7524 C844/744  C Nickel, Ferronickel, and Nickel Alloys
7526 S844/744  S Nickel, Ferronickel, and Nickel Alloys
9556 C844/744 C Steel and Iron
9686 CS844/744  C, S Direct Reduced Iron
9891 C844/744  C UO2
10694 C844/744  C Soil
10719 C844/744  C Cast Irons
10720 ONH836/ON763 N Steel and Iron
11873 CS844/744  C, S Cobalt Metal Powders
13902 S844/744  S Steel and Iron
15349-2 C844/744  C Unalloyed Steel
15350 CS844/744 C, S Steel and Iron
15351 ONH836/ON736  N Steel and Iron
17053  ONH836/ON736 O Steel and Iron
19272 GDS C, Si, Mn, P, S, Cr, Ni, Al, Ti, and Cu Low Alloyed Steel
21614 C844/744  C UO2, (U, Gd)O2, and (U, Pu) O2
22963 ONH836/ON736 O Titanium and Titanium Alloys