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Did You Miss Us at ASMS? Breakfast Seminar Videos are Now Available!

We had a fantastic time at the 66th American Society Mass Spectrometry conference last month. It was great to hear from industry leaders on their research and about the latest trends for the mass spectrometry community. Read More

Application Spotlight: Carbon and Sulfur Determination in Soda Lime and Battery Paste

Our innovative analytical instrumentation provides you with solutions for a wide range of organic and inorganic applications. We want to help your lab succeed, which is why we like to share examples of the processes, methods of analysis, and results our instruments can obtain in the form of application notes. We want you to feel at ease with our instrumentation in your lab and our application notes highlight how we have the correct instrument for a wide variety of applications. Read More

Rules of Thumb for GCxGC Success: How to Maximize GCxGC Method Performance Using 3 Simple Steps

Authored by Michelle Misselwitz

At first glance, developing a GCxGC method can be intimidating. There are two columns, two ovens, and a modulator all with variables that can impact method performance. Fortunately, there are a few tried and true tips to help take the guesswork out of GCxGC method development. Read more